Dating Tips From The 1930s That Still Apply To Millennials

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Dating has changed significantly over the past few decades, with the rise of technology and social media transforming the way we meet and interact with potential partners. However, there are still some timeless dating tips from the 1930s that can be applied to modern dating, particularly for millennials. In this article, we'll explore some of these tips and how they can still be relevant in today's dating landscape.

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The Importance of Courting

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In the 1930s, courting was a common practice, with individuals taking the time to get to know each other before entering into a romantic relationship. While the concept of courting may seem outdated to some, the idea of taking the time to build a connection with someone before jumping into a relationship is still relevant today. Millennials can benefit from embracing the art of courting by getting to know a potential partner on a deeper level before committing to a romantic relationship.

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Dress to Impress

During the 1930s, dressing well for a date was considered essential. This meant putting effort into one's appearance and dressing in a way that conveyed respect for the other person. While the definition of "dressing well" may have evolved over the years, the importance of making a good impression through one's appearance remains the same. Millennials can still benefit from putting effort into their appearance for a date, as it shows that they value the other person and the time spent together.

The Art of Conversation

In the 1930s, the art of conversation was highly valued, with individuals engaging in meaningful discussions and exchanging ideas on a date. This emphasis on communication is still relevant today, as good conversation can help build a strong connection between two people. Millennials can learn from this by putting down their phones and engaging in meaningful conversations with their date, showing genuine interest in getting to know the other person.

Respect and Chivalry

Chivalry was a significant aspect of dating etiquette in the 1930s, with men expected to display manners and show respect towards women. While the concept of chivalry has evolved over time, the underlying principle of respect remains crucial in modern dating. Millennials can still practice chivalrous acts, such as holding the door open for their date or offering to pay for the meal, as a way to show respect and consideration for the other person.

The Value of Traditional Dating

In the 1930s, traditional dating rituals, such as going to the movies or out for a meal, were common practices. While modern dating has introduced new ways of meeting and getting to know someone, the value of traditional dating activities still holds true for millennials. Taking the time to plan a thoughtful date and engaging in activities that allow for quality time together can help foster a deeper connection between two people.


While the dating landscape has evolved significantly since the 1930s, there are still valuable lessons to be learned from the dating tips of that era. The importance of courting, dressing to impress, engaging in meaningful conversation, showing respect and chivalry, and valuing traditional dating activities are all timeless principles that can still be applied to modern dating, particularly for millennials. By embracing these tips, millennials can navigate the complexities of modern dating with grace and authenticity.